Do you have an unusual, rare, or interesting love token?

Send it to the club and we may post it on the website or feature it in a newsletter.

This is the easiest way for collectors to exhibit their coins.  No traveling to set up an exhibit at a show and no extra time required to design and make the exhibit.   Just like other coin exhibits, the exhibitor remains anonymous.

Be sure to include the denomination of the coin in the report.  Even if you image the host coin reverse, it may be difficult to tell a dime from a half dollar as the scale of the photograph can be misleading.  Note: The type coin category requires obverse and reverse images in order to post.

Note: 1. Please only send pictures that you have taken, we cannot accept images from other sources without a release.
            2. LTS has expanded its copyright of the site and blocked the copying of images.  The inclusion of these additions helps to protect 
                your images from being copied.
            3. These photos are used by LTS on the general  site, in the report area, or in the newsletter and by sending them you agree to their
                use in perpetuity for strictly educational purposes by LTS.  Placement and layout are determined by LTS.  Further descriptions
                may be added and LTS reserves the right to make corrections to any inaccuracies in the submitted report.
            4. We have had a number of dealer requests to send photos provided LTS posts a name and business name.  We do not issue credits 
                as there is limited space in the description area and it would interfere with general viewing.  Also, since the site is strictly          
                educational, we cannot endorse any implied advertising.  Dealers may however reference the coin being posted as something of a
                pedigree to any perspective customers for that item.

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