Below are images that have been reported to the Love Token Society.  This is a way for collectors to put their coins on display and to share their collections.  The more unusual ones have been selected and displayed below:


                       Gone fishing!

           Bird in flight with an ornate
              background and border.

        “Chai” or “I’chayim” is a Hebrew 
                toast meaning “to life.”

At left: “Cut-out” dimes with initials and engraved flourishes.

At right: reverse of love tokens shows mainly seated dimes, one Great Britain or Canada, and one indistinguishable as host coins.




                 “Mama” seated half dime  <1853> quarter with a matching dime.                   Full name and location.



1879 dollar presented to Susie F Morgan by Col. E F Brown on Sept. 3rd 1884.  Research shows that Brown was
a Civil War soldier and lost his left arm in battle. 

           Blacksmith’s anvil and tools.

Photo love token.  With a turn to 
photography keepsakes, this was an 
attempt to combine with love tokens.      
Ultimately the locket was favored.




           Lord’s Prayer on 1902
                  Barber dime.

    “USA” enameled in blue on a 1876  
    quarter.  This coin represents the
    United States’ centennial celebration.

          “From Grandma G. to Godfrey
                        April 7. 92″
             Barber half dollar host coin.





  “C W Keller” engraved on counterfeit
                   $2.50 “gold”

  Does this mean the love is fake too?

  Appears to be silver plate over brass.




      Box Dollar love token engraved
 “November 11th 1889” & “March 13th
     1897″ possibly mourning jewelry.





         “AEW DEC. 25, 1889” engraved
               on a 1892 half dollar.

     Engraved “Hallow Eve”  This was to 
           commemorate Halloween.

                  “Edwin Dec. 25 – 92”
              Christmas commemorative.




            “Blanche from Howard”

          Presentation love token on an 
            English penny/gold plated.

                “ALP June 12 1901 JMD”
                  Commemorative date 
                      or anniversary.




                 1875 dime with #6
                  and ornate border.

                 Encased dollar/bezel
                 with gold overlay “M”.

              1878 CC Morgan dollar 
                 in love token bezel.



 Fairly typical initials on a 1877 liberty seated dime.    What is unusual is that the owner reports it was found in a roll of one cent coins.

          Political medal engraved “GRJ”

             “Bryan dollar” reverse
                    of coin at left.

 LT newhart



Belonged to submitter’s great grandmother, Carrie Newhart.  Very creative how Newhart was executed.