Pictorials are among the most sought after love tokens.  These tiny miniature “paintings” bring to mind the idea of engravings on the heads of pins.  Sometimes the multitudes of objects on these small canvases are amazing to behold.  Also, there is a great variety of pictorials to chose from.  See the Categories for Collecting article for a whole listing.  Even within the category of landscapes, there is variety between the types of houses, trees, mountains, bridges, and lakes as they are portrayed differently on each coin.  Since love tokens are handmade, no two can be exactly alike.  Also look for pictorials on the Reported Jewelry page.  To view and article and pictures on love token types, click on this link. 

Click on images below to see multiple coins in those categories. 

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 Landscapes  Single building  Bridges  Monuments
 Lighthouses  Nautical  Musical  Tools
 Transportation  Floral  Hearts  Fans
LT skate
 Horseshoes  Moon & Star  Religious Sports