Below are gold love token submissions.

 Love token enameled and jeweled
with pearls on a $5 gold coin.
“Mizpah 1904″
Hebrew name for god Shaday, used as a protective device.  Engraved on gold one dollar, type I.  $20 gold love token with train
engraved and applied overlay.
Possibly a retirement gift.

Bird on branch engraved on five dollar gold size.  Reverse of love token pictured at right.  “EMR” in black enamel with pictorial
of bird on reverse (pictured left).
Five dollar gold size.
Enameled $20 gold with initials “IRL”  This was a large sum of money at the time and would have belonged to a wealty family.

“D” enameled in black on reverse
of a liberty $2.50 gold coin.

Unusual construction in this love token ring.  Curved coin and soldered shank. Ring at left made from $2.50 gold Indian.
Late date gold coins RARELY used.  Ring style consistent with later coin date.

Moon & Star with blue enamel and
diamond.  $10 Liberty host coin.

Forget me not engraved on $2.50 gold coin.
Cover design for Lloyd Entenmann’s book,
Love Tokens as Engraved Coins 
“Celia” enameled on $2.50 gold coin.
Rare pictorial tricolor gold overlay!

RARE: 1850 $5 gold Moffat & Co.
Note the name Moffat  & Co.
on Liberty’s coronet.

Old English “W” enameled in black.
Engraved border and textured background.

An aesthetically pleasing love token to
compliment this rare coin.

RARE: 1860 $2.50 gold Clark Gruber & Co.
Note Clark & Co. on Liberty’s coronet.

Engraved “DLH” in triple overlapping letters.

Anniversary: “Jan. 22nd 83”
& “Jan. 22nd 95”

Gold love token “spinner” in rotating bezel. “HBQ” or “HBL” script initials

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1838 $2 1/2 gold with gold overlay “M”

1818 half Eagle obverse 1818 half Eagle reverse